Whole30 #3 – Day 10


Lunch was frustrating. I thought the chicken was going to be a no-brainier, but it wasn’t. But I made do and didn’t starve. Dinner was also not exactly what I wanted.


Breakfast’s Ro-Tel, avocado & egg concoction wasn’t a quarter as appetizing looking as I’d planned, but it was tasty. Not terribly filling, but tasty. I also had a venti black Pike’s Place Roast from Starbucks with homemade almond milk. This was much less groady than last weekend’s coffee.



Lunch at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Cafeteria. Baked chicken (which I ate only the insides of because I couldn’t tell whether the stuff on the surface was little bits of skin & spice or some sort of pan sauce making crud) and olive oil sautéed green beans.



Delivery steak pizziaola (NY Strip with tomato and veggies). This was not as satisfying as I’d like (too light on veggies) and I was still hungry afterward. Plus, the smell of the garlic bread was intoxicating.



A restorative Starbucks with almond milk (I brought my little bottle out) as balm against the wind and cold.

I also had some hazelnuts while I pouted about dinner.


More Whole30 goodness.

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