A selfie with my two mini dachshunds: Odin and Freya

For someone that spends as much time writing as I do, I suck at ‘about me’ pages. I started this blog as a place to share recipes with coworkers for all the things I was brining in to the office for lunch, document my 365 photo journal (which has grown into an almost decade-long project and I hope at least a semi-permanent fixture in my life), updates on anything spectacular I’ve been making, and photo walks of any great trips or other picture-taking ops I’ve embarked upon.

In the ensuing years, I: quit my in-person office job in favor of remote work, moved towns and then states, have continually changed how I’m eating and moving my body, quit the remote job to take an intensive tech course, aaaaand then moved halfway across the globe, documenting the process and giving life updates afterward so my #1 Fan (aka my Dad) didn’t worry on my short-lived YouTube channel.

Currently, it’s 2020 and I like everyone else am spending lots of time at home, and lots of time internally. Let’s see where the future takes us.

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