A Second Week of Blue Apron Meals

No recipe again this week. Since my schedule is still crazy and I’m gone more dinner times than not, the DH wanted to try something new – that’s *shocker* not delivery. Well, *technically* Blue Apron is delivery, but you get the point. It’s not takeout Indian or a frozen pizza. 

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Blue Apron a million times, but here’s the short version: you sign up for a weeks’ worth of meals (we did the 2-person 3 meal version), and they deliver a box with recipes + all the ingredients you need to make them (minus staples like oil, salt & pepper). You waste nothing but packaging (and Blue Apron at least packages with an eye toward making as much of it recyclable as possible), and get 3 perfectly portioned meals out of the deal. It’s a win-win for people who don’t want to grocery shop and/or need recipes to follow. The DH is a great cook, but he hasn’t had to think up something to make for dinner in a decade and he doesn’t really flex his cooking muscles that often since I’m the primary meal provider in the house. Blue Apron gave him a chance to exert a little independence over dinner – and me a chance to eat something home-cooked I didn’t have to jam into my packed schedule.

This is our second box from Blue Apron – we’re giving it a three-box try before passing final judgement on whether this is something we want to continue doing. Blue Apron has no idea who I am and this series of posts are not sponsored.

Read Week 1 Here

What We Got

This week’s meals featured three non-beef meats and were all delicious. Like last week, these meals are all much more grain-heavy than I like to eat, but they were exactly what the DH wanted (he prefers grains and other carbs in his diet).

Meal 1: Curried Catfish & Coconut Rice

This was some delicious fish, and the chutney was a really nice touch. 

Meal 2: BBQ Pork Burgers & Corn on the Cob

Another winner. The burgers were juicy (though we subbed out the BBQ sauce – BA’s sauce was really generic-tasting), the onions were a great touch, and while the corn serving looked small – this meal still racked up 800 calories.

Meal 3: Spicy Chicken & Korean Rice Cakes

This was sweet, sticky and delicious. The chicken was of really nice quality, too – and the corn was an unexpected little treat.

This Week’s Verdict

Definitely tasty, definitely more carbs than I like, but good. The DH is still kind of liking cooking (though he’s coming to hate prep work even more), but this week was a little less exciting than last week. Fish Mondays are still really appealing, though. We shall see what Week 3 brings.