December 14, 2019

I didn’t take a ton of pictures today, but I’m glad I got a couple snaps of the roadside goings-on around here. This is the local form of food truck – and yes, this guy drives with this whole food stand thing balanced on his scooter.

This is a local rented scooter – complete with hooks from which to balance your surfboard. It’s also common to see 2 people – or whole 4-person families – on one scooter here.

This is not your weekly recipe post

Sorry, no recipe post this week, because I’m on vacation exploring a new cuisine – and the week before that, I ate pretty much nothing but Thanksgiving leftovers.


Some of my favorites:

Leftover “burrito” that basically consisted of throwing a bunch of ham/brussels sprouts/cranberry sauce and stuffing in a tortilla and calling that lunch.

A really frickin good breakfast-for-dinner fried rice dish featuring little mushrooms, egg, leftover ham and rice that was too simple to post a recipe for but was eaten multiple days (pictured here also in burrito form).

And just straight up rummaged leftovers: a bowl of brussels & pomegranate + little ham sandwiches.


December 9, 2019

I took so many pictures I love today, it was hard choosing just 1 – but if I had to summarize the day in an instant, it would be with a shot of one of the many, many intricately carved statues we saw on a walk around Ubud. Animals, deities both fierce and friendly, rulers of old – Ubud is a bustling jungle town filled with beautiful decoration.