January 23, 2011

My little bites, D’artagnan. He’s a pint-sized punk-rock Napoleonic dictator, but the cuddlyist little guy I know. Since returning from the chaos that was Weinerfest, he’s been extra sleepy and extra snuggly. Neither of us is complaining.

January 17, 2011

Tonight’s dinner: eggs & hashbrowns. Eggs & hashbrowns has been my go-to dinner since high school and it’s still one of my absolute favorites. These days, the hashbrowns are fresh more often than not, and I include onion, shallot or leek and garlic powder. The eggs are always fried sunny side up, with the whites separated off and cooked until almost burnt. Cheese is optional & whatever I have on hand. Tonight it happened to be provolone & Swiss. A satisfying non-committal dinner for a rainy night.