January 8, 2011

So you want to be a sports photographer…

Keep your eye on the ball and learn how to duck!

While on a photo shoot covering a girls’ fast pitch softball team this afternoon, I got beaned in the head by an errant ball. This serves as an object lesson to either a: duck, or b: wear a helmet.

I can just hear my mother now, laughing hysterically. Some people never learn.

January 3, 2011

The Swing at Santa's Enchanted Forest

Santa’s Enchanted Forest is what happens when Christmas smokes crack. A South Florida tradition for many a year, this Christmas-splosion/carnival is an interesting mix of tacky decorations and carnies with a latin flavor. As it turns out, a Monday night after Christmas is just the time to go. Most every attraction was still open and there were zero lines for anything.

January 2, 2011

I knew there was some reason I married him. My dearest husband (DH) making his signature marinara sauce.

This is it. This is the best marinara I have ever had; a sauce I wake up craving; a game changer. And it just so happens to be one of the many reasons I married him.

I Knew There Was A Reason I Married Him Marinara

1 15 oz. can unseasoned tomato sauce

6 oz. tomato paste

3-4 Tbsp. good red wine

1 Tbsp. dried oreagon

2 tsp. dried basil

1 tsp. dried garlic

1/4 tsp. black pepper

slack pinch salt

optional pinch red pepper flakes

Stir to combine all ingredients in a sauce pan over medium heat. Once thoroughly incorporated and the mixture starts steaming, reduce heat and cover. If you are adding meat, add it now. Simmer at least 10 mins. If sauce starts to dry out, add a little more wine.

January 1, 2011

Taken at Red Light, Little River with the Hipstamatic app on my phone (Melodie lens, float film, dreampop flash). I can’t believe we have waited this long to hit Red Light up for dinner. We won’t be making that mistake again.

Today: watched Twilight Zone marathon, wandered Ikea and fell in love with a triple chaise couch, attempted to go to Santa’s Enchanted Forest but it was wall-to-wall packed & ended up having a great dinner. Check out the review at: http://foodieinmiami.blogspot.com/2011/01/red-light-little-river.html

The Beginnng

This is me

This is not my first 365 photo project. Last year, I managed to take pictures all but 4 days; a small feat in itself. Some of the pictures (ok, most if I’m being honest) are complete crap, but that’s not the point. The blog got my juices flowing and I took more pictures last year than the year before. So, I think I will do it again. I haven’t decided whether or not I will be limiting myself to iPhone pictures this year–I think I’ll keep it open–but I have a feeling that the majority of pictures will be taken with it. And the 12 camera apps I have so far 🙂 I’m a bit obsessed.

If you’re curious, 2010’s 365 photo blog can be found here.

This year’s blog will also cover just what exactly to do with a bi-weekly box of CSA vegetables. Last year, I documented the contents and should have been blogging the recipes all along instead of storing them, squirrel-like, waiting for 2011 to roll around so I could start a cookbook. The cookbook is coming, it will be awhile, but it will come. There’s a hell of a pile of recipes sitting next to me, staring at me, just waiting for me to start.

I also may get around to posting about life issues, you know, the things that keep me up until 3 a.m.; driving me to scribble by monitor light in my little graph paper notebook.

Time will tell.

If you’re following from 2010’s blog, thanks. I’m always surprised when I find out people actually read the things I write on my off time. Hell, I’m surprised when people read the things I write for business, too.

If you’re just joining us, welcome. I hope to make it an entertaining ride at the very least.