March 13, 2011

Duck Ramen

Kon Chau dim sum lunch with a friend taken with the new point and shoot. It was a great lunch; I would venture to say the best dim sum we have had to date in South Florida. Full review coming soon on Foodie in Miami.

March 10, 2011

Mmmmmm…… Hamachi Kama. Tonight we hit up CoCo Asian Bistro for a farewell dinner for a dear friend. He is moving away for awhile and although I know we will most likely always keep in touch, he will still be missed. And yes, I’m pouting about it, so there, J ;p Come back unless you find your dreams.

March 6, 2011 – A Colaborative Dinner

We had one of our new friends we met through the Shoot Miami Meetup group over for a collaborative dinner.

The Spread


Home made duck prosciutto (more on that soon… I made it as part of Charcutepalooza and suffice it to say, it was a huge hit)

Bacon jam (made with my very own home made bacon, no less)

Goat cheese

Slow roasted tomato jam (also coming soon. I’m a bit behind) served with toasted flour tortilla chips.


Chris’s fantabulous grits with a slow-cooked ragout of mini sweet peppers, white onions and chipotle topped with batons of home made bacon

Kevin’s awesome lamb stuffed with herbs & garlic with a garlicky tzatziki sauce

Pitas & sundried tomato tortillas for wrap making

The meal was a complete success and I predict this is just the first of many future collaborations. 🙂