Yes, the Botanic Garden again. Spring is still on high rampage, and this place is amazing.  We visited again last weekend, in part to get our memberships, in part to put the new camera through its paces, but mostly because spring is a bustin out and this place changes weekly. Daily, even. Don’t want to miss a thing.

Something in the desert exhibit

Desert exhibit

These guys were amazing and everywhere – hello, Lensbaby bokeh!

Watch out, Alice

Love these guys

My jam – the rose garden is just starting to bloom

Aaaannnd… you’ll probably get sick of roses by the end of summer

Roses used to be almost exclusively what I shot as a teen

some sort of cherry-looking blossom


This past weekend was also butterfly and bee city

Beautiful imperfection

Look at this color! Ridiculous!

These next shots were taken by my DH with the big daddy new camera. He got some great stuff!

Eew! Bugs!

Love this shot

This is one of my very favorite trees and I’m glad he got such a great shot

Who knew? Butterfly faces are cute!

I’m totally swiping this for my Facebook header


Beauty in decay


And if you’re still not pictured-out, we have even more on our Flickr page.