Playing With Fonts

This series of images was inspired by the new Adventures In Budget Paleo Cooking image I created. I had forgotten how much I like to tinker with backgrounds and fonts and these little exercises gave me a chance to stretch those muscles a little. Why motivational quotes? Nerd Fitness, of course! This desire to stretch my creative wings coincided perfectly with the start of a six-week challenge cycle. Each day’s forum thread update featured one of these images, and they went over surprisingly well. So well, I’m posting them here in perpetuity for my Internet buds.

Note: These are not my original quotes (save one), I found them floating around the Internet. If you would like to re-purpose these images or use them on your own, please provide a link back to this page. 

Start Wk1Dy1 Wk1Dy2 Wk1Dy3 Wk1Dy4 Wk1Wrap Wk2Dy1 Wk2Dy2 Wk2Dy3 Wk2Dy4 Wk2Wrap Wk3Dy1 Wk3Dy2 Wk3Dy3 Wk3Dy4 Wk3Wrap Wk4Dy1 Wk4Dy2 Wk4Dy3 Wk4Dy4 Wk4Wrap Wk5Dy1 Wk5Dy2 Wk5Dy3 Wk5Dy4 Wk5Wrap Wk6Dy1 Wk6Dy2 Wk6Dy3 Wk6Dy4 Wk6Wrap

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