This Week’s Menu


Breakfast: Boo. No smoothie – I forgot to order important things while grocery shopping. Like limes. And avocados. So, I had some leftover cut fruit I’d purchased over the weekend as a snack.

Lunch: Leftovers – sauteed grapes, olives & chicken

Dinner: Quick stir-fry of chicken, broccolini and red bell pepper leftover from last week


Breakfast: Green smoothie

Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Pulled pork with sauteed collard greens and carrots


Breakfast: Green smoothie

Lunch: Last week’s leftover paleo paella with the rest of the roasted chicken

Dinner: Paleo cheeseburger mac


Breakfast: Green smoothie

Lunch: Leftover paleo cheeseburger mac

Dinner: Pulled pork tacos in collard leaves with pickled carrots


Breakfast: Green smoothie

Lunch: Leftover paleo cheeseburger mac

Dinner: Out


Breakfast: Out

Lunch: Out

Dinner: Out


This Week’s Grocery List

Boneless, skinless antibiotic-free chicken thighs, 20oz. ($5.49 @ Amazon Fresh)
Organic carrots, 1 lb. ($0.99 @ Amazon Fresh)
Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk, 64 oz. ($2.99 @ Amazon Fresh)
Grass fed ground beef, 1 lb. ($9.99 @ Amazon Fresh)
Cilantro ($0.99 @ Amazon Fresh)
Taylor Farms coleslaw, 16 oz. ($1.50 @ Amazon Fresh)
Boneless pork shoulder roast, 3 lb. ($14.99 @ Amazon Fresh)
Lemon, x2 ($1.38 @ Amazon Fresh)
Organic collards ($3.49 @ Amazon Fresh)
McCormick chili powder, 2.5 oz. ($2.99 @ Amazon Fresh)
McCormick oregano, 3.12 oz. ($4.90 @ Amazon Fresh)
Planters dry roasted sunflower kernels, 5.85 oz. ($1.58 @ Amazon Fresh)
Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, 15 oz. ($3.26 @ Amazon Fresh)
Raw organic honey, 12 oz. ($6.60 @ Amazon Fresh)
Badia onion powder, 9.5 oz. ($2.98 @ Amazon Fresh)
McCormick garlic powder, 3.12 oz. ($2.59 @ Amazon Fresh)
La Croix sparkling water, 8 pk. lime ($2.88 @ Amazon Fresh)

Smoothie Supplies

3 Apples ($2.25 @Amazon Fresh)
Bagged kale, 16 oz. ($5.99 @ Amazon Fresh)
Bagged spinach, 9 oz. ($1.99 @ Amazon Fresh)
Zico Natural coconut water, 1 liter ($3.98 @ Amazon Fresh)


Budget Breakout

This week, I spent $84.32; $15.68 under budget. Ish. I forgot limes and avocado for smoothies, and really didn’t plan that well for four full meals – Thursday’s dinner was really more of an appetizer. I knew this week needed to be heavy on staples (we were out of a bunch of spices), so I planned on going light on groceries – and succeeded. A little *too* well. Also this week, I purchased supplies to make two separate salads to take to a Memorial Day BBQ. I used the collards for dinner one night, so it looks like I’ll be down to one salad – good thing I bought coleslaw mix to beef that single salad up. Fingers crossed that it isn’t a disaster.


Leftovers From This Week

At the end of the week, I have a leek, some carrots and burgers left over. I need to incorporate these items into my menu for next week.

Think eating healthfully is too expensive for you? Think again. According to the USDA, to ensure a nutritious diet as of December 2014, a family of two aged 19-59 years should spend between $388.90 and $776.10 on food per month, or $89.80 – $179.30 per week. Source 

For my family of two adults, I spend roughly $400 a month on groceries or $100 a week – and we eat well. Not caviar and lobster well, but I do manage to serve a predominately paleo diet with little to no processed foods, and I get to throw in a few luxuries here and there (like expensive snacks for the hubbs and the occasional ridiculously expensive bag of coffee). We even manage to buy “good” meat (grass fed beef and free-range chicken) most of the time – and I make this budget work even on the weeks we pay for convenience by getting delivery groceries. I make: 10 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 10 dinners a week – plus enough snacks to satisfy and fuel two active adults.

I’m hoping that this series will help shed a little light on the day-to-day things a “paleo” person really eats — and how that way of eating can work on a budget. I want to nudge anyone sitting on the fence right over the edge by showing that it *can* be done and that you don’t just eat meat, meat, meat and more meat.