In hindsight, maybe this wasn’t the wisest purchase I’ve ever made.

So this weekend, I managed to get conned into paying $5 for this tiny-ass bear full of honey. 


To be fair: I was hung over, had just consumed large quantities of overpriced fat, grease, and carbs and was smack dab in the middle of the sensory-overload that is Smorgasburg (aka Brooklyn’s weekly semi-roving food tent extravaganza and one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday). And the kid who was hawking this honey was making ridiculously outlandish claims – like ‘this study said that if you eat this honey, you’ll never get another disease.’ 

As this craziness was falling out of this kid’s mouth, I could see him looking at my friend and I and the look on our faces that clearly said he was insane, watched his brain scramble for an out, and come up with a back pedal into ‘well, not all diseases.’ Which is good, because if you say ‘no diseases’, my next stop is licking the (subway) pole to test that hypothesis. 

So, instead of shedding some sciencey reality all over this baby snake oil hustler, I giggled and shelled out $5 because you’ve got to respect a: his nervousness, and b: the level of balls to talk such ish. Plus, this honey is delicious and I have a serious lack of farm fresh honey in my life right now.

FYI, this is what he was talking about – consuming local honey is widely thought to be a cure for pollen allergies – it’s not, but it would be nice if that were so. Study