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Yup. Another smoothie recipe. A note on this one: this smoothie as written is not sweet. If you like your peanut butter sweet, add a little honey or maple syrup. I happen to love the taste of peanuts, so I was happy with the savory leaning.

Gluten-free, paleo


Mean Green Peanut Protein Smoothie

2/3 c. coconut milk
1/2 avocado
3 Tbsp. peanut butter
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp. cinnamon
Hand full baby spinach
1 scoop collagen powder

Combine all ingredients in a high powered blender and whiz until smooth.

Serves 1 as a meal replacement and contains: 734 calories, 66g fat, 21g carbohydrates, 26g protein, 30% of your daily Vitamin A requirement, 19% of Vitamin C, 7% of Calcium, and 37% of your Iron.