This quick and tangy side goes well with some simple chicken or pulled pork.

Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan if you watch your ingredients

Miso Orange Slaw

Based on Crunchy, Creamy Miso Slaw by Health-Bent

1/3 to 1/2 head red cabbage
2 Tbsp. mayo or aioli
2 Tbsp. rice vinegar
2 green onions
2 Tbsp. white miso
1 – 2 clementines

Couple big pinches Kosher salt

Few cracks black pepper

Add the miso, mayo and rice vinegar to a big bowl. Whisk to combine.

Slice the cabbage into ribbons, chop the green onions, and segment the oranges. Add to the bowl. Toss, hit with salt and pepper, toss, taste, and adjust seasoning if necessary. 

In quantities listed, serves 1 – maaaybe 2