Today was ok, though I miscalculated dinner’s macros and ended up over limit. And I had way too much coffee this morning + waited waaaaaay too long to eat lunch – so I came home carsick from the train and weird feeling from the coffee, and had to take a nap. I was also all over the place during a meeting today mentally – not foggy, just had zero concentration. 

*edit after research: ooooooh. 

So. I’ve been craving almonds like they’re going out of style – which could mean that up until 4 days ago I ate a hell of a lot of almonds and my brain misses them, or maybe I needed a bit more magnesium today since I sweated a bunch during yesterday’s workout and may have gotten rid of too much. The suggested fix is magnesium powder – I haaaated Natural Calm the last time I tried it – or either Himalayan rock salt or grey salt. 

Also: part of my weird feeling today *could* be linked to going a little over in protein. The suggested fix here is moar fat. I need to cool it on erring on the side of protein (dammit) and throw back a fat bomb after dinner if I’m still starving. It may kick me over on calories, but so be it. 

Further signs I need more fat: 

My hand joints hurt often – I figured this was just me getting arthritis way early.

I’m cold a lot – This could also be because my circulation is crap.

I’m hungry again right after eating – Ooooooh. Dumbass.

My skin is always dry, even when I’m drinking tons of water – Oops. 

I have lots of flyaways – Granted, I also have very fine and thin hair. And it’s getting colder, so I’m like static city. 


Rocketfuel latte.

Meeting Lifeline

Half a “snack pack” – aka 1 ounce pepperoni + a hard boiled egg (the other half involves 2 ounces nuts and a cheese stick).

Extra coffee with almond milk.

Socialization Coffee Instead Of Eating Lunch Out


Chicken + avocado salad.


Too bad I forgot to take a pic of dinner – it was delicious. Made pumpkin & bacon carbonara.

Boo. Still hungry, no snack.

* Ok, fine. After interneting and still being starving, I had a Tablespoon coconut butter. It’s ok. I’m not failing at life. 

1539.5 of 1318 kcal

16.7 of 20g net carbs

77.7 of 70g protein

123.12 of 106g fat