Keto Day 5 of 30

After last night’s revelation that I just need more fat, expected to be magically awesome today like my jerkface of a husband who feels just peachy.

Apparently the keto flu gods heard me talking smack. 

My upper mouth palette has felt fuzzy for 2 days and my upper teeth feel weird. I have no idea if this is related to the keto or I’m a weirdo. 

I’m also stuck on slow setting today, and my stomach is vaguely unhappy about life in general. 

Hey, but at least I wasn’t starving to death. 


Totally forgot to take a picture again. The DH made me scrambled eggs with a little cream and they were magical. Plus the last of the bacon. 

Also had my normal coffee with almond milk instead of hitting Starbucks.


Caved after my haircut and grabbed some macadamia nuts instead of starving to death.


Picked up some smoked salmon while grocery shopping – had little cucumber points with horseradish mayo.


I wasn’t really hungry for dinner – had more macadamia nuts and a jerky bar while out at a movie with friends.

Briefly considered adding a scoop of protein powder to some bone broth, but was full of liquids. 


1258 of 1318 kcal

21.9 of 20g net carbs

58.9 of 70g protein

104.9 of 106g fat

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