You guys. I had a dream about discovering sweet potato fries in some sort of taco bowl thing I was eating and om-nom-nomming the shit out of them. I have no idea what this means.

On the other hand, I felt fine today. I struggled a bit with after breakfast and after lunch hunger, but it was mild. Body felt fine. Yay.

Keto smoothie + coffee with almond milk. Was hungry after breakfast, despite adding half a Tablespoon of MCT oil to my smoothie.


2 ounces rotisserie chicken, salad greens & tahini.


A slightly-modified version of’s Crispy Sesame Beef. Subbed jicama for daikon and dropped the crispiness. Recipe to come, this was delicious.


Made a new fat bomb – this one is coconut butter, coconut oil & stevia.


1313.5 of 1318 kcal

10.4 of 20g net carbs

66.2 of 70g protein

110.62 of 106g fat