Had another strangely vivid dream last night – this one was inspired by the book I’m reading – Seven Eves, about the moon breaking up and humanity having to move to the stars. This was a combination anxiety dream and excitement dream.

Vivid dreams are nothing new to me, though I find it curious to note that vivid dreams are reported by keto people as “a thing”.

Keto smoothie with an added half Tablespoon of MCT oil because I forgot to double it when making them.

Post-breakfast I was a bit nauseus and my stomach was really unsettled.


Felt better around lunchtime. 2 ounces rotisserie chicken, salad mix, guacamole and an olive oil/lime juice dressing.


I get to snack today! I had a Hard boiled egg about an hour after lunch to help boost my energy for the afternoon.


Pork cutlets & Brussels sprouts cooked in butter and bacon fat.


1 ounce pepperoni a little after dinner.

Fat Bombs – the cacao kind.


1313.5 of 1318 kcal

10.4 of 20g net carbs

66.2 of 70g protein

110.62 of 106g fat