Today was Ok. Was a bit nauseous after breakfast again, and felt generally like poo – not sure if that was because of anxiety, having to force myself through 3 job interviews when I had the stamina for zero, keto or staying up too late. Probably a combination of all of the above. 

Made a slightly different Keto smoothie – almond milk, spinach, MCT oil, ginger, cilantro & avocado. It’s not my favorite smoothie, but I was ok. I miss my non almond milk-based smoothie.


A repeat from yesterday. Ate the last of the rotisserie chicken in a “taco” salad with guac & lime dressing.


Another riff on a broccoli bowl. I think brocccoli bowls are going to be my Keto staple – this one was broccoli, pepper, seasoned ground beef, a little tomato paste, some spices & balsamic. 

Of course I forgot to take a pic. I made dinner really early. 

2 of those coconut Fat Bombs after yoga class. 


1267.5 of 1318 kcal

15.55 of 20g net carbs

67.07 of 70g protein

99.37 of 106g fat