Woke up vaguely headachey and really thirsty today. Apparently, I did not get enough water yesterday. My mood has also been kinda crappy today – not sure if that’s related to diet or other shit, but it’s worth noting.

A repeat of yesterday’s smoothie.

Stomach was unsettled after breakfast again.


A repeat from yesterday – only with some leftover chicken from dinner one night.

Was hungry after lunch again – I think I need to add nuts or something with extra crunch to these salads. 


Went simple again – broccoli & ground pork with butter and bacon fat.


2 coconut fat bomb blocks as an afternoon snack.

Extra Snack

Stayed home from an activity I was looking forward to because my mood was in the toilet.

Thought maybe some fat would do me good – had a Tablespoon of sunflower seed butter off the spoon, because let’s face it – that’s all I’m really looking for in a dessert. Screw chocolate – I just want peanut butter.


1459.5 of 1318 kcal

12.9 of 20g net carbs

67.89 of 70g protein

120.13 of 106g fat