Today was fine, despite running around and almost letting myself get too hungry.

That flat little keto bread I made – that has grit – grit! – from psyllium husk I didn’t grind fine enough, and is so dense it could maybe be a weapon with sunflower seed butter. 


 I’m a glutton for punishment and had already made sandwiches up, so I had a roast beef sandwich with that strangely crunchy bread.


Ran home and completely couldn’t fathom cooking the dinner I had planned. Ate pretty much what I had for lunch yesterday – 2 Tbsp. guac, 2 ounces chicken breast & 1 Tbsp. mayo.


Needed something to drink while out and didn’t want to just put $2 on my credit card, so I grabbed a snack while at 7-11. And I’m glad I did, because I was on the verge of hangry while on the train home and didn’t want that to translate into car sickness. 

Grabbed these little meat stick bites (0 carbs), and the snack nuts from my purse (macadamias and seasoned pumpkin seeds).


1308.16 of 1318 kcal

13.33 of 20g net carbs

63.66 of 70g protein

102.48 of 106g fat