Today was good, despite deciding to go grocery shopping at the crappy and always full of shenanigans grocery store – the Saturday before Thanksgiving – during a .99 a pound turkey sale.

I was quite proud of myself for remaining calm the entire hour and a half I was at the store, battling through the aisles and wandering in circles looking for things I don’t normally buy in the center aisles. 

I also felt fine today, if a bit hungry all day.

1/4 cup macadamia nuts + coffee with stevia because I was out of almond milk. 

I also had a mug of bone broth before venturing out.


Hit my favorite neighborhood BBQ joint for some smoked brisket, smoked chicken, and sautéed collards.


Spent the whole time at the grocery trying to think of something for dinner. Didn’t work. I came home and grabbed some leftover cheese dogs, frozen broccoli and butter.


Had a 3 carb cafe misto with almond milk from Starbucks while walking in the little sunshine we had today.

And a 1 ounce meatball after dinner while waiting for my new lemony fat bombs to harden.

Plus a fat bomb when they were ready.


1333.33 of 1318 kcal

20 of 20g net carbs

66.06 of 70g protein

108.01 of 106g fat