Today was fine. No health issues and I was mostly not hangry.


Another green smoothie variation. I should really round up my faves for a recipe post.


A Big Ass Salad of: Italian mix greens, baby spinach, a little cruciferous crunch, green onions, sliced chicken breast, hemp hearts & creamy Rosemary dressing. Delicious.


Made a quick little dinner of more sliced chicken, frozen broccoli & a hand full of chopped pecans cooked in bacon fat and butter. 

Apparently, all I want to eat on keto is chicken & broccoli and chicken & guac. I’m cool with this.


Sun Butter Fat Bombs


1397.5 of 1318 kcal

13.89 of 20g net carbs

59.31 of 70g protein

105.3 of 106g fat