Today was full of willpower triumph.


Today’s smoothie was chocolate sun butter. I missed my spinach.


Totally forgot to take a picture, but today I had a lunch meeting at an Indian buffet. Normally, I’d be reaching for the naan basket and all up in a plate of every variety of non-lentil dish available. With a tiiiiiny side of rice.

And gulab(sp) – the dessert that looks like a doughnut hole swimming in syrup.

But not today.

Today, I stuck to tandoori chicken, a vegetarian spicy cabbage side, and the iceburg salad. I ate way too much protein, and most likely a little too many carbs given my breakfast smoothie, but damn it was delicious. 

Delicious, but TMI – my digestive system was not prepared for the level of spice and restaurant-ness of the food.


I was supposed to have a non-fairly Keto waffle & pork Rind crusted chicken sandwich, but I had no more protein left in my macros, and the batter got stuck in the waffle iron – so I had pancakes with butter. The pic is the DH’s dinner – complete with the chicken.


Had planned to have some lemony fat bombs, but was not hungry after all. 

1328.5 of 1318 kcal

19.3 of 20g net carbs

65.2 of 70g protein

100.72 of 106g fat