Today was good. Felt good – digestion was back to normal – and although I was starving cstartung at 4pm and continuing until my second snack, life was fine.


Vanilla chia smoothie.


Back to my big salads! The last of the chicken breast (good thing too, the chicken was on its way out), Rosemary dressing, mixed greens & hemp hearts.


I’ve been suuuuuuper productive all day and have done little but watch YouTube. It’s been a Texan In Tokyo kind of day and I was feeling Japanese.

Made this quick bonito broth, steamed cauliflower & frozen spinach soup with pan-seared salmon and sesame oil drizzle.


Lemon fat bombs right after dinner

Then sunbutter fat bombs after yoga.


1582.5 of 1318 kcal

11.55 of 20g net carbs

80.88 of 70g protein

117.66of 106g fat