Keto Day 24 of 30

Today, we successfully navigated a holiday. Turkey Day was a hit.


Pre-gamed my green smoothie before starting the heavy cooking.


$&@!?$! Delicious Turkey Day lunch.

Clockwise from left:

Pecan Stuffing (recipe coming Saturday) – damn this was ridiculously good

Twice-baked loaded cauliflower (like a loaded potato)

My stab at giblet gravy (blasphemous: mine was actually better than what I remembered from my childhood)

Broiled green beans

Turkey that turned out pretty damn good for turkey

Lemon squares that aren’t square because I don’t own a square dish 


HaHa. Nope. Had dessert mid-afternoon since lunch was at lunch time, a couple 1-ounce meatballs at a little after dinner time. 


I’m counting all the turkey skin I ate while picking the carcass so I could make bone broth as a delicious snack.


? of 1318 kcal

? of 20g net carbs

? of 70g protein

? of 106g fat

It’s a holiday. I didn’t *want* to plug everything in (read: I was too lazy). I will say this: I probably didn’t hit 20 carbs, I most likely went over on protein, I ate bunches of fat with everything but probably didn’t get enough, and my food was damn satisfying. 

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