Keto Day 26 of 30

Today was great. Took the pup for a light hike an hour and a half north of the city, grabbed a convenience store lunch because it’s too cold to eat outside and we planned crappily, and had an overall good day.


Scrambled eggs with a tablespoon heavy cream before we left + coffee with almond milk while on the road.


Gas station haul. Quest bar (4g net carbs), Choula flavored jerky (3g net carbs) & smokehouse spicy almonds (4g net carbs).


2 Boars’ Head spicy sausages + roasted garlic sauerkraut


Lemon fat bombs


1262 of 1318 kcal

17 of 20g net carbs

71.5 of 70g protein

85.1 of 106g fat

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