Keto – Day 30 of 30

Today was the last day of my Keto experiment and it was good overall despite breakfast being a colossal failure. I was fairly hungry all day, but went on with my life – mostly catching up on blog stuff. 


Son of a bitch. I was sooooooooo excited about this smoothie. When making it, it tasted fantastic – kinda like my favorite smoothie, even – I was so pleased with myself, I even ran to create a recipe post for you guys.

And then I tasted it this morning right out of the fridge.

And it tasted like swamp balls & vomit.



Aaaaaaand now I’m not only out of smoothies for the week, but I am now out of salad too. This was a repeat of yesterday and was still delicious.


OMFG. This makes up for breakfast and was totally worth going a bit over on my carb macro for (damn you extra Tablespoon coconut aminos!).


Had to happen. I needed both pre and post yoga snackage in the form of coconut fat bombs, and dammit – hopefully that didn’t kick me out of ketosis on my last day!

1596.25 of 1318 kcal
24.5 of 20g net carbs
58.98 of 70g protein
126.94 of 106g fat

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