Got to see the very beginning of this year’s Pride March before ducking into a meeting.

It was great seeing NYC’s authoritarian arm (NYPD band, NYPD, cadets, FDNY, and Corrections) decked out in tastefully done rainbow car wraps (unfortunately not pictured), with a huge showing of LGBTQ and ally staff, plus a very striking showing of non-lethal protection (the flanking cops were in light tactical gear with zip tie handcuffs in bulk on their belts). The cynical side of my brain was pleased at the PR move; the less cynical side was relieved to see an institution with a troubled civil rights record visibly supporting a hugely diverse community that desparetly needs it. 

I’m glad I got to see the less showy part of the Parade this year. I loooove the sheer joy and exuberance you see further down the line – but it’s great to be reminded of the civic pride aspects of Parade day. Reminds me of the small town parades I saw as a kid.