D’artagnan S. Cochran

My little bites, my swashbuckler, badass, little manly bites, my asskicker, snuggle bites, grumpeldy bites, Dar.

Saying goodbye to you is a bitch – your father and I are starting a new chapter in our lives, and we wanted nothing more but to have your little ridiculously adorable face by our sides.

We will miss your so-cute-it-hurts face, your judgement of everyone and everything around you, your kicks, your badass strut, your snuggles, and even your fishy little breaths. That winter jacket. The backpack and tote bag we carted your little butt around in. Your 100% devotion to your dad and your fierce love for us both.

You were the first major thing we settled on as a couple, and the best purchase we’ve ever made. Thank you so much for picking your dad – it was all over from the very second you hit his arms, with your regal carriage and slump into utter relaxation. You came to us when we needed a little hotdog-sized lump of love, and we have always been much richer for it.

This house feels empty without you. Your waterfront park (aka your favorite place on Earth) holds no appeal. It’s only kinda fitting that this next chapter pulls us so far away from everything you’ve ever known.

Wish we could have had a more exciting last day – ala as indulgent as your brother’s – but cancer is a bitch. If there is one bright spot, it’s that you left this world knowing you were loved. Breathe freely, my little man.

I love those bites and I always will.