National Cruise Dhow Boat Tour

I recently had the opportunity to join a bunch of fellow Doha bloggers on a fantastic sunset dinner dhow boat cruise from The Pearl, past the Katara cultural village, the stunning skyscrapers downtown, West Bay and almost to the Museum of Islamic Art at Doha Port.

This trip was sponsored by the only dhow boat cruise operating out of The Pearl – National Cruise and coordinated by the woman who runs a really cool and useful blog I’ve used as a resource time and time again – New In Doha.

The boat we were on was stunning – if I remember correctly, the gentleman that gave the safety rundown said it was hand made out of Teak and can be configured pretty much however you want with a few hours’ notice. The cabin is also air conditioned, which was really appreciated since the day was warmer than most of us had prepared for. We were also treated to a buffet catered by the Four Seasons, and all the fresh juices and water we needed to stay hydrated and happy.

The A/C was great and all, but we spent sunset lounging on the upper level deck, which was decked out in fine carpets and textiles in a relaxed seating lounge area.


Apparently I’m also a photog failure and took exactly zero pictures of this gorgeous boat. The wood grain was beautiful, and the sweeping lines were really charming. Plus, it’s been outfitted with completely modern electronics and all the safety bells and whistles – something pearl divers of old would probably have appreciated a bunch.

Also on the “I’m a failure as a photog” front – I was starving and took no pics of the food … and too busy eating to try and capture the skyline at night. Looks like I have an excuse to book another cruise with the DH. 🙂

I had a fantastic time getting to know my fellow local bloggers, learn a bit from a really talented local photographer (shoutout to Najla Nabil Photography), and partake in a really cool “only in Doha” experience that I can’t wait to share with friends and family!

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