Happy Thanksgiving, all!

This year I am thankful for the new chapter DH and I have had the good fortune to have started and the wonderful new friends we got to celebrate with.

This year’s spread:

Appetizers: veggie plate, lemon Parmesan dip, pistachio crusted goat cheese balls, Ritz crackers and homegrown watermelon from one of DH’s coworkers.

The Main Event: Roast Doha chickens with arugula, pine nuts and raisins.

Sides: Brussels sprouts with Parmesan, Roast green beans with French fried onions, fantastic mashed potatoes brought by a friend, onion gravy, roasted garlic mashed cauliflower, roasted baby onions & Brussels sprouts with bacon.

Desserts: apple tartlets, low carb strawberry and almond parfaits, and unfortunately not pictured chili brownies brought by a friend.

Also not pictured: a huge basket of bread, cranberry jelly, and drinks out the wazoo.

I’d say it was a success. I’m ridiculously full.