Not a strict POD today – I ran my Instagram handle through a site called best nine, and these were my top 9 (likes-wise) posts:

We’ve got (from top left)

1 – Dali art on a door in I believe lower Manhattan somewhere

2 – A shot I took while on a nice warm walk – also in lower Manhattan

3 – The ceiling from baby Madison Square Garden where I saw a UFC fight – I think on New Years Day

4 – Street art in SoHo

5 – The Staten Island Ferry

6 – More door art – probably in the Lower East Side (Manhattan)

7 – A random street scene in NYC (I think SoHo?)

8 – The Pearl as you pull into the harbor

9 – The window shades of a Karak cafe in The Pearl

Add a shot of Brooklyn, and it would be a timeline of my year.