November 22, 2018

Happy 🦃 Day, all!

This year’s spread:

Nibbles plate featuring dairy-free was supposed to be a cheese ball, but wouldn’t ball, assorted dates, grapes, Ritz crackers, cured beef pepperoni, deviled eggs, spiced mixed nuts

DH’ bourbon ham

A friend’s lemon chicken

Romesco roasted cauliflower

Brussels with bacon

Roasted garlic mashed white potatoes with dairy free yogurt as the creaminess

Whipped spiced sweet potatoes

Green beans with French fried onions

Cranberry sauce

Gravy a friend had to make because I’m incapable 😆

Killer roasted veggies by another friend

Roasted pearl onions

Stuffing balls

Pumpkin pie 🤤 by friend 1

So good German chocolate cake by friend 3

Sweet and light berry trifle thing by friend 2

And drinks + my “Fall” tree 😁

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