May 14, 2019

So … I hated the non food-related picture I took today, so here you go: what I ate today:

1 orange at about 7 because I couldn’t wait for my scheduled breakfast at 10.

2 shortbread biscuits that were supposed to be the base of a trifle because it was eat a carb or be massively sick on the way to breakfast.

1 salad-sized plate from the buffet: chicken sausages with onions & peppers, steamed mix veg, babaganoush, mutabel, smoked salmon, 1/2 a pita.

A second salad plate about half an hour later because I was still freaking hungry: mutabel, watermelon, pineapple, babaganoush, another half pita.

Was hungry for lunch then because getting up at 5:30 because the dogs are jerks doesn’t suit me – had the only thing that looked appealing at the grocery store: minute coconut rice & rotisserie chicken.

Dinner was the second half of the rice packet & the other quarter chicken.

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