FODMAP Diet Week 2

FODMAP Diet Week 2

This was my second week on the FODMAP Diet. Week 1 went fairly well, despite eating more meals out than anticipated (foolishly, if I was paying attention I would have remembered), and being bummed that no garlic or onion were to be had.

Week 1
An explanation


This week, I didn’t meal plan heavily. I know I’ve got at least two if not three dinners out, and I didn’t feel like shopping too heavily in advance of our vacation next week, so I bought the bare minimum and will be eating a lot of pantry foods. This proposed meal plan is what I have come up with on the fly.


  • Overnight oats with peanut butter and strawberries


  • The salmon burgers I didn’t eat
  • The rest of the chicken/tomato sauce/olive mixture I made
  • Maaaaaybe the rest of the baked sweet potatoes from last week if I can find a way to dress them up so they’re not so plain
  • I grabbed some wholegrain rice pasta from the grocery
  • Steaks with smashed baby potatoes and green beans as a nice dinner for the hubbs
  • Zoodles(?) with chicken and frozen green beans & carrots


  • I have Marmite-flavored rice cakes left over
  • A stab at a compliant Dole Whip



  • Overnight oats with strawberries and pumpkin seeds
  • Overnight oats with peanut butter, strawberries and pumpkin seeds – and I need to doctor these up a bit next time; the weirdo French peanut butter in a tin can I bought because the kid on the package was mildly disturbing may be – dare I say it – too bland for my taste. I love my no sugar added peanut butters, but this was less satisfying somehow. Maybe because I’m making my oats with water instead of unsweetened plant milk?
  • Went out for a scheduled (weekly) breakfast date on Wednesday – had steak & poached eggs with a side of fruit instead of the fried potatoes & onions. Brought my own hazelnut milk for my Americano(s).
Maybe not the soundest reason for a purchase, but this kid kinda freaked me out so I couldn’t resist


  • Finished the chicken marinara-ish mix off by Monday.
  • Made steaks with smashed potatoes and green beans for dinner Monday.
  • Scrounged leftover potatoes topped with Kewpie mayonnaise for lunch Tuesday because I was woefully unprepared with the proteins when I crashed through the door in dire need of lunch.
  • Delicious and super easy Japanese style zoodles with poached chicken.
  • The last of the baby potatoes I boiled up for dinner Wednesday with more poached chicken and Kewpie mayo.
  • Lunch out Thursday – ordered a side of chicken breast, a side of turkey ham and a side of confit potatoes.
  • Dinner out Thursday, too – had more chicken breast and plain rice.
  • Friday dinner was planned out as well – Brazilian steakhouse with 2 vodka sodas


  • Had a fresh strawberry juice while out
  • Made a really good dessert from a lemon-flavored coconut yogurt mixed with strawberries and this really good vegan (and compliant! The only freaking thing that didn’t have dates and/or almonds in it in seemingly the whole restaurant!) granola.
  • The third and final bag of organic popcorn – with butter and nutritional yeast topping.
Monday: The only thing I ate out today was the strawberry juice I had after braving the ‘I feel like I’ve literally been trapped in an oven’ heat to see water and run back to the train
Tuesday: Poor planning, so I didn’t hit my protein macro, but I managed to not eat out despite being s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g for lunch
Wednesday: Pre-Breakfast snack because I was up way too early, breakfast out, dinner was the last of the potatoes & some chicken, the last bag of popcorn for a snack
Thursday: Lunch and dinner both out – lunch was the sides and add-ins I could cobble together, and dinner was the thing on the menu with the least substitutions – chicken& rice (hold the pico, minus the side salad)
Friday: Dinner Out was a meatstravaganza at a Brazilian steakhouse
Saturday was a travel day: Ate what I could on the plane, the Munich airport happened to have a grocery with cured sausages & chips to snack on, and dinner was off-track with a pretzel and sauerkraut, but c’mon – it’s Germany!

What did I learn this week?

HaHaHa. I need to plan better. I know winging it is no way to meet my macros, and I need to not be lazy the next week I’m home. Which won’t be next week – let’s see how I handle this business while on vacation. Spoiler: I’ll be eating sausages and I know I won’t be able to completely not eat sauerkraut. At least it’s fermented? Maybe? Hoping I won’t be undoing any good I’ve done in these two weeks so far.

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