FODMAP Diet – Week 5

This was my fifth week on the FODMAP diet.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
An explanation

Proposed Meal Plan


  • Overnight Oats with blueberry milk, collagen peptides, peanut butter thinned to a sauce, and superfood granola.


  • This week I want to keep it simple – all I have planned is to make up big batches of veggies, a base to go with them (rice/quinoa mix), and make a spicy lime vinaigrette to go with everything. And rotisserie chicken. I’ve got that on hand.


  • I had no plan going to the grocery here, just knew I was tired of the marmite rice cakes, the buckwheat crackers I bought last time were yuck, and I didn’t want to rely too heavily on fruit this first week back from vacation.

Actual Meal Plan


  • Overnight blueberry milk oats with superfood granola & peanut butter.
  • Breakfast out at Eggspectations: Chicken, egg & fruit.


  • Batch cooked a big bunch of zucchini & carrots and had a bunch of ways with a spicy lime vinaigrette and rotisserie chicken.
  • Batch cooked some brown rice pasta – had with my favorite chili tuna.
  • Lunch out at Wagamama: A rice noodle and greens salad with carrot and lemongrass vinaigrette + chicken.
  • Lunch out at Chang’s: Spicy tuna sushi that was a frustrating semi-fail.
  • Cucumber/cherry tomato/cilantro/lime vinaigrette salad – also eaten as a snack.


  • Fairly joyless buckwheat & chia rice cake crisps – joyless because I couldn’t for the life of me think of what to put on them that wasn’t either a ton of calories, contained dairy, or was too sweet. I’ll keep working on this issue and get back to y’all with some options.
  • A semi-fail green smoothie that looked compliant from the menu, but tasted like it may not be.
Monday: My post-yoga snack out tasted less FODMAP-friendly than it looked on the menu — buuuuut, it was pretty much the only thing that *was* FODMAP approved on the whole menu. Vegan places run on FODMAPs I’ve come to find.
Tuesday: Lunch was out and I was super pleasantly surprised that Wagamama actually had a compliant salad – aaand it wasn’t 1,000 calories. Win!
Wednesday: Took myself out for breakfast and had one of my standbys – grilled chicken breast, poached eggs and swapped potatoes for fruit.
Thursday: Got cocky. Went to PF Chang’s for lunch and figured there would be something I could have other than plain rice. I was wrong. Sushi was the only thing on the menu that was FODMAP friendly without trying to explain my drama through levels of English comprehension, and that even needed substations – no avocado – and I had to pick out hidden green onions. On the other hand, this was actually all the food I needed for lunch and I was happy I didn’t order triple the amount like I wanted to.
Friday: Smoked beef brisket and fries out; cucumber tomato salad and overnight oats in
Saturday: Grilled chicken and veggies for lunch; Thai flavored mussels & Belgian frites for dinner

What did I learn this week?

This week was all about getting back into the swing – again – because for some reason I completely lost last week and thought I had just gotten back from vacation. 😆

I was a bit cocky in my restaurant choices, not wanting to believe that the vegan place really *doesn’t* have anything for me (again. It didn’t when I was doing Keto, and it’s semi-difficult to eat Paleo there too).

I also need to leave non-Japanese Asian places alone. Garlic is building block #1 of Chinese food. And yes, it’s in everything. Usually with onions.

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