FODMAP Diet – Week 6

This was my sixth week on the FODMAP diet, and it went well. I ended up eating at home a bunch and even managed to stay, at least in my calorie macros, pretty on track.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
An explanation

Proposed Meal Plan


  • Overnight oats
  • 1 planned breakfast out


  • Salmon fried rice
  • Miso orange roasted veggies
  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Probably 1 lunch out, maybe 2


  • ? Find something?

Actual Meal Plan


  • Overnight Oats with blueberries, tahini or peanut butter, and pumpkin seeds or granola
  • Chicken breast/poached egg/hashed browns out


  • The salmon fried rice was even better than anticipated (recipe coming soon!)
  • Rotisserie chicken is such an easy staple to keep on hand – whip up a batch of rice early in the week, and you’ve got 3/4 of dinner ready in minutes
  • Roasted sweet potato/butternut squash/carrot mix with orange miso dressing to toss in with chicken
  • Chirashi and steak out for lunch
  • Mussels frites out for dinner – chose Thai style because the broth was made from compliant ingredients; didn’t end up eating much of the broth anyways
  • Scrounge dinner of leftover rice with a little butter, some furikake seasoning and a touch of sweet soy sauce to hit macros one night


  • Bought some more mostly joyless carbs – this time in the form of oat crackers. Must do more snack research. I’m sucking at snacks lately, and my favorite go-tos are off limits (almonds, corn nuts, wasabi peas, dried fruit)
Monday: Started off strong, then derailed when DH wanted to go out for dinner and I wanted to escape the house – had a basket of tortilla chips instead of wings
Tuesday: Managed to eat all prepped foods today. Whoo hoo! And on a day I usually eat lunch out, too.
Wednesday: Chicken breast, poached eggs & hashed browns out – the rest was batch-cooked goodness
Thursday: Chirashi out, and yes – it had some non-compliant avocado. Super delicious and this dish may be making an appearance soon – I think I could batch cook something like this to nibble all week.
Friday: DH came home and wanted to hit the local pub for dinner – had Thai-style mussels & frites
Saturday: Emergency ‘I waited too long to eat’ breakfast, lunch at Texas Roadhouse (I only ended up eating to tomatoes and egg off my salad, plus a third of the ranch), and a scrounge around the house for dinner

What did I learn this week?

Salmon fried rice is delicious. And I’m sad I ate all of it – will have to make again soon.

Also, because I was digging that dish so much, I kinda re-discovered being excited to come home to a batch-cooked meal. It’s not like what I usually make isn’t good – or isn’t exciting – but something about this dish had me wanting to choose to go home for lunch rather than deal with finding something to eat while out.

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