FODMAP Diet – Reintroduction Week 3

This was my third reintroduction week on the FODMAP diet.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
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Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Reintroduction Week 1
Reintroduction Week 2
An explanation

Proposed Meal Plan


  • The doc’s smoothie blend


  • I will be traveling most of this week, so I’ll mostly just try and eat on plan.


  • I will try to limit these where possible

Actual Meal Plan


  • Doctor shakes
  • Hotel buffet breakfasts – lots of fruit, a little meat, a little potato


  • Lots of Asian, some bbq, too many potatoes, and too much bread


  • Was semi successful in avoiding while traveling
Monday: Fruit and a little egg thing for breakfast, a killer egg salad club sandwich for lunch, and too much sushi for dinner.
Tuesday: That lunch burger was 2 fried eggplant buns with baked sweet potato fries. Dinner was bbq brisket; the post-dinner snacks killed me – the desserts had a little dairy, and ended up being too much food all of a sudden
Wednesday: Travel day – lots of potatoes and meat at breakfast. Chicken kebab, rice and fries at home
Thursday: Emergency rice breakfast, PF Chang’s our for lunch, popcorn for dinner
Friday: Breakfast wrap, dinner wrap, popcorn for lunch
Saturday: Re-testing small amounts of onion (in the vegan tikka microwave meal); something in the morning eggs, potatoes & beef chorizo had me bloated for most of the day

What did I learn this week?

Challenge foods for this week were accidental dairy (super out), overeating (also super unpleasant), a small amount of onion (less pleasant once – ok a second time), and a Chinese food amount of cooking garlic (fine I think; I was bloated but I think from the salt content of PF Chang’s).

Wheat is still in, but based on the pics of my food this week I look like I need to reign in my consumption of unnecessary breads and fried foods. I’m also tired of potatoes again, and have picked back up a wicked Diet Coke craving, so I may be doing a Whole30 to reset my tastebuds soon.

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