Veggie Rice Noodle Salad Two Ways

This is one of those ‘I was of two minds while at the grocery store and couldn’t quite remember what I was making recipes.’ Don’t you love those days?

This happened to turn out really well, though – both for the dressing I’d written out and forgot at home, and the one I cobbled together in my head while wandering the aisles of my grocery a whole day in the week later than usual. I guess yay, me for thinking on my feet when I didn’t really have to?

Gluten-free, vegetarian, pescatarian

Dressing 2

Veggie Rice Noodle Salad Two Ways

For the salad:

Rice noodles – 1/2 – 1 c. per person
Radicchio, chopped
Cucumber, sliced into moons
Optional: snow peas, shrimp, slivered almonds, sesame seeds

Dressing 1

2 Tbsp. tahini
2 Tbsp. soy sauce
Juice of 2 small limes
10 squirts garlic oil

Dressing 2

1 Tbsp. mustard oil
2 tsp. Apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp. honey
1.5 Tbsp. grainy mustard
Salt & pepper

First, set the noodles to soak for a full 10 minutes in water that has just come up to the boil. Drain when soft and pliable.

Toss with the rest of the salad ingredients.

Toss again with the dressing of your choice. Taste and add salt, pepper or lemon to taste.

Serves 2 – 4

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