Quarantine Kitchen

Well, given recent global events, it seems my ‘I need to cook down my pantry’ jones of a few weeks ago was right on target.

In this time of quarantine, I think many of you are feeling the same (whether out of physical or mental necessity) and I’m curious to see what’s in y’all’s pantries! Some friends have gone the fresh food route; in my house, if you ask an ex Navy guy and a (semi) Southern girl to stock up, we’re grabbing natural disaster food. Barracks food. Things you can survive on with little to no access to electricity. If you can boil water, bam, there’s dinner.

As such, the state of our pantry is kind of hilarious and definitely looks like 2 kids live in the house (hey, we both reverted to the last time either of us really *needed* to do a hurricane/barracks shop). 2 kids who love chips, macaroni & cheese, pot noodles, whiskey (#adultpriorities), beef jerky and tuna. Dinner tuna, snack tuna – you name it, we have protein for 2 weeks.

Luckily, grownup-me also grabbed some frozen veggies, rice and pasta. Yay for adulting. Let’s not emerge from quarantine 9-bigillion pounds.

Aside from the teenager house party food, we’ve been (attempting to) eat fairly well (ish. There was extra Ramdon, and pot noodles were had last weekend. See also: chips).

Things I’ve been making lately:

  • My Japanese tuna rice bowls
  • Fried rice with a little quinoa thrown in for extra protein
  • Our normal Monday “burger” night featuring Beyond Burgers and whatever weirdo combination of toppings I can think of (last week was a semi-spicy semi-sweet mustard with sauerkraut and a fried egg and it was glorious)
  • Pasta with a quick sauce of thinned-out tomato paste and a bunch of spices + chili tuna + frozen edamame and spinach + nutritional yeast and lots of pepper
  • Pot noodles with garlic powder drenched steak nibbles and frozen spinach
  • A huge batch of Japanese curry with potatoes, onions and carrots
  • Popcorn with nutritional yeast, furikake or masala spice & spritzes of garlic oil to make the toppings stick better
  • Bread! Bread always makes DH happy, so I started experimenting with that
  • Breakfast eggy tortillas
  • Pasta with chili tuna, zucchini sautéed in garlic butter, a crapton of red chili flakes & black pepper, and nutritional yeast
  • A riff on a recipe for Belter Red Kibble I found to knock out a pantry hanger-on (recipe coming!)
  • Tuna fried rice that was amaze (recipe coming!)

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