April 16, 2020

Finished! It’s far from perfect, and the semi-intentional misalignments are kinda driving me crazy (it was either ‘control every aspect and lose my mind over square size accuracy’ or ‘let a little chaos in and live with the result’), but it’s not bad for my first quilt. Squares, piecing together and binding done by machine; quilting done by hand for a softer feel. Made out of quilting cotton fat squares, 2 yards of white fabric, organic cotton batting and old bedsheet backing fabric (in a light silvery grey).

2 thoughts on “April 16, 2020

    1. You’re welcome! A little blanket update: my husband, whom I ostensibly made it for, absolutely loves it – imperfections and all – but rarely gets to use it, as I can generally be found curled up with the pups in our favorite blanket. 😁


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