May 15, 2020

This week’s date night is brought to you by Outback. Which did a surprisingly good job of delivery. I was skeptical that my steak would arrive rare, and it did.

On a side note, when did Outback stop including a salad with their meals? I’m happy the side veggies have been upgraded, but I miss the kinda crappy salad. Mostly the ranch.

And bonus: since it’s Ramadan and every delivery we’ve gotten this month has included a little extra somethin, cheese fries. 20s-me would have been overjoyed (cheese fries with a monkey dish of sour cream was like half my diet in college). I dared a taste, and the sour cream is still so frickin good. Could have taken or left the cheese, but the sour cream – 💯

We also had Outback bread (in the paper bag) and wine. I still made my dough for the week – it’s just chillin’ (Ha!) in the fridge until Saturday. Having a bit of experiment to see if the flavor is even better the longer it proofs? Rises? Ferments? The more yeasty burps happen. I think it’s supposed to.

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