August 3, 2020

I’m calling today my first official day out of lockdown/quarantine/what have you. Today was the first time since mid-March I was able to leave the house to go practice yoga in a studio. In 3-D. With people. I’m marking this return to my normal Monday routine (10am slow flow followed by a walk home with a stop to buy this week’s groceries and sushi for lunch) as a return to the flow of normal life.

Still no big group coffees or breakfasts out, and I don’t think I’ll be piling into an Uber willy nilly just to wander the mall for the a/c walking because I’m bored during the week – but it does mark a mindset change.

I’m now staying home because I prefer snuggling my pups, crafting and crossing animals to the alternatives; not staying home because I “have” to. I *could* up and hit the a/c walking mall on a Wednesday – things are open and I can sit and have a coffee.

Which is kind of an odd thing to be wrapping my mind around.

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