Sausage Mix

I miss Italian sausage. Or any sausage, really, that isn’t merguez, sojuk or a loose mix for kebabs.

The only sausage other than those I’ve seen where I live are chicken or beef hot dogs, and occasionally some smoked turkey or beef kielbasa. Delicious, but not exactly what I’m after. I’ve also seen Beyond Burger brats a couple times, but haven’t for months and I’m tired of waiting.

I used to make sausage back in my Charcuteapalooza days and loved it. This isn’t that, and maybe someday I’ll have the access and equipment to make legit sausages again, but this is a step in at least having those flavors in my life again.

I used my mix two ways: sprinkled liberally over ground chicken in a hash type situation, and sprinkled over potatoes with a little sun dried tomato oil before roasting. Both were delicious.

gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, vegan

Sausage Mix

1 tsp. each of the following dried spices:



Paprika (I used sweet but smoked would also be delicious)

Black pepper

Onion powder



Celery seed (or celery salt)

2 tsp. each of these:

Garlic powder


Cayenne pepper

If you have fennel, this mix will lean more Italian sausage – add 2 teaspoons to the mix. I did not, so I added half the amount of dill. Caraway would also be nice in the 1 tsp. quantity, as would thyme or sage.

Makes about enough for 1 lb. of meat + 1 tray of potatoes

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