January 12, 2021

Odin watching my butt in Goddess pose wearing my snazzy new Nerd Fitness tank.

If you’re new here and not following me on Instagram @gastography, you may not have heard me speak about Nerd Fitness. Totally not sponsored, but I do love this little corner of the Internet.

If you’re looking to make changes for 2021, I’d suggest checking them out. NF has tons of articles (my personal favorite is the one on Underpants Gnomes), beginner to advanced workouts, a host of skills-based programming courses, one-on-one coaching, a new choose your own adventure style app, a mindset book, Facebook groups – and, my personal favorite – a free forum hosting 5-week challenges where you can not only gain the support of a huge community, but work on anything you want to focus on – from wellness and mindset, to physical fitness, to adulty things.

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