High Protein Meal Planning – Week 3

My plan for this new year is to focus on hitting my protein macro for this new weight first (I’ve found that carbs, fat & calories tend to work themselves out if I’m doing what I need to do here). My old macro was 70g a day; this new macro is 80. I think I can do it while keeping the parts of my current diet that are working for me (light breakfasts namely) if I eat decent portions of something protein rich for lunch and dinner & plan ahead with meaty snacks.

More info on what I’m doing and why.

Week 1

Week 2

The goal: 80g of protein a day; explore this brave new air fryer world.

This is my meal planner – I’m using a combination of Evernote for rough drafts, a Google spreadsheet for protein quick reference, and paper notebook for more detailed recipe writing


M-Sat: Green smoothie (green apple, avocado, kale, spinach, orange juice, ginger – much like this recipe) with 2 scoops of collagen powder

Sunday: Blueberry flavored protein pancake from the gas station


Monday: Sausage & egg bowl (2 eggs scrambled with a little yogurt & spinach), 1 fake meat sausage, hot sauce, half a small avocado, bagel seasoning & the last of the leftover crispy potatoes.

Tuesday: 1/2 can chili tuna, guacamole, small diced cucumber

Wednesday: Another sausage & egg bowl – sans potatoes

Thursday: 150g leftover London broil tucked into tacos with the last of the kimchi

Friday: 200g leftover London broil (the last of it) chopped with the last of the cherry tomatoes & Choula

Saturday: Steak & kofta kebab at a friend’s house with some amazing fresh bread

Sunday: A chicken veggie bowl from Starbucks


Monday: 150g London broil & a baked potato (baked potatoes are bomb in the air fryer)

Tuesday: A mash of 150g taco beef, avocado, Choula, cherry tomatoes, onions & peppers & 3 tortillas crisped in the air fryer for scooping

Wednesday: Vegan General Tso-Style Protein Bowl

Thursday: Crisped carrot sticks with pomegranate tahini dressing (recipe coming some day) & tandoori marinated chicken bites

Friday: 1/2 – 3/4 cup of my delivery Indian pepper chicken, about 1/4 cup of the enchanting silky eggplant I’m eventually going to have to try and recreate & a naan

Saturday: Was way too full from lunch steak

Sunday: Leftover Indian pepper chicken


Mini kibbeh with tomato chutney on Wednesday

Baked potatoes are awesome in the air fryer – my London broil cooking evenness left something to be desired. Lunch was surprisingly good, though. Not my favorite brand of fake sausage, but it was still satisfying.
Nachos FTW. Forgot I put vegan cheddar on top. I missed the hard boiled egg in the tuna salad from last week, but even without it lunch was still delicious.
This chickpea dish turned out surprisingly well.
I’ve been craving doing something with crispy carrots, pomegranate & tahini for awhile – this was a really great combo and something I’ll play with again. The chicken turned out really good, too, and actually air fried pretty well.
I won at dinner! We ordered Indian delivery and I managed to resist my brain insisting that it needed to binge eat every bite like Cookie Monster. Go, me.
Whelp, I definitely got protein in at dinner. I’m sure I hit my goal – or close to it.
Starbucks: continuing to crush it on the protein lunches. Glad we stopped in and I gave it a shot. This was delicious.

This week’s takeaway: Man, my body loves green smoothies. I felt much better about my vegetable consumption because of them, and my GI system was much happier.

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