January 22, 2023

January make is (mostly) done! It’s wearable, at least. Still some fit issues – I need to maybe raise the waist a cm or 2, and maybe raise the shoulders a couple cm if the waist doesn’t fix the bust apex issue. It’s also a touch too big on the side top, but that may be fixed by the other two things. But … it’s wearable! I could also just drop a stitch to shore up the wrap so it doesn’t gape when I slouch it sit and call it quits.
Much better than the first finished fitting. Oops. I swear I fitted it before sewing together – I think I didn’t take seam allowance (especially French seams) into account.

But at least I revisited it and made it wearable! Took days of hand sewing a full circle skirt and redoing the panels I had to insert, but I finished! And before the end of the month, even. 🙌🙌

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