This year’s CSA is from Paisley Farm, a 25-acre operation located in Tivoli, NY. Paisley Farm grows organically and plants with the chef in mind. The 22-week CSA runs from June – October and I purchased the standard vegetable share. This share includes 8-9 vegetables and herbs per week (8-12 pounds) – enough to provide a family of three with 3-4 dinners’ worth of veg. The price equals out to $25 per week, the cost of which will be accounted for in my weekly Adventures In Budget Paleo Cooking posts.


Paisley Farm 2014 CSA Box 18

2 eggplants
1 butternut squash
2 heads romaine lettuce
1 bunch baby fennel
3 bell peppers
1 bunch kale
1 small head cauliflower


Leftover From Previous Weeks

Roasted Eggplant
Frozen peppers
1 head curly kale
6 Japanese eggplant
1 pepper
1 bunch trevisio
Most of a head of Napa cabbage
1 head cauliflower
2 delicata squash


How I Used My Share

I made a mash out of the cauliflower, which I served simply with pulled pork.

I had pulled pork tacos in Napa cabbage wraps with an apple & bell pepper slaw for lunch.

On two separate days, I had bunches of Napa cabbage sauteed with some butter and caraway seed & topped with pulled pork and a fried egg for lunch.

I roasted half the delicata squash with baby fennel, harissa and olive oil and served that with a kale salad and duck breast for a decadent dinner.

I made a green cauli rice with bell pepper and cilantro for dinner and served with crispy chicken thighs.

And I had the other delicata squash for lunch – broiled with a little orange/miso/maple/sesame concoction. Delicata squash FTW

Waste: If I find that head of curly kale again, I’m tossing it – it’s a month old; it has to be dead, right? The trevisio is pretty much dead as well, and I know I’m not going to use the lettuce, so that should go too. And the jar of roasted eggplant – sadly, it has to go as well — mold is no bueno.

My Favorite Dish From This Box

I’m not saying pulled pork in cabbage wraps, though I do love that dish. I’m going for the delicata squash as my favorite for the week. I forgot how much I love the nuttiness and sweetness this squash brings to the dinner party. And the hubbs liked it, too, so score!

Next Week

Going into next week, I have: A bunch of frozen bell peppers, 3 fresh peppers, and 10 eggplant.