Visited The Cloisters today with a fellow Nerd and rucked Fort Tryon Park a bit. 

The Cloisters is a huge castle thing in the middle of the woods up at the northern almost tip of Manhattan. The museum was built in 1938 – basically to hold 1 guys’ collection of European Medieval religious art and artifacts. The collection spans both Romanesque and Gothic style art (including that famous unicorn tapestry) and architecture, including parts of 4 monasteries/abbeys, and recreations of historical gardens. More

This is all set in the backdrop of Fort Tryon Park – 67 acres of “wild New York” (natural NY habitat – hilly, rocky and covered in trees) park created around the time the Cloisters was built (both by Rockefeller). The park was full of dogs & joggers and is said to be the best hiking in the city. More

The A train

Scenic cobblestones

Jesus as a mummy

Stained glass ❤

Another beautiful glass pattern

There is some intense unicorn hunting craziness going on in this tapestry

We marveled at the amount of Easter Eggs in old paintings, wondering how many people through time have made the same sarcastic comments we did

That famous unicorn tapestry. It was cool to see it in person and not just on College freshmans’ walls

The glare is terrible. Michael has a face. What struck me about this painting was the attempt at vantage point – and the demon. That guy has a whole lot of ‘nope’ going on.

I mean, really. How much would it suck to have a crotch face? He can never wear pants. And the complaining…