Today was full of running around, vague stomach pains from eating too much cheese, and almost making poor food choices. What it was not full of: veggies. I had nary a vegetable all day yesterday. Oops.

Coffee + 2 egg/bacon/cheese cups. And they’re snowflake shaped.


Packed a second cup of coffee for my meeting.


I didn’t really have lunch, per se – I was too busy running around. Luckily, I packed a bunch of snacks:

1 ounce macadamia nuts

1 ounce cashews

1 hard boiled egg

1 ounce pepperoni


While home between meetings and throwing something together for a friends’ party, I smacked on 2 slices of cheese (which was a dumb plan in hindsight but some days I like to live dangerously with cheese), and some of those tasty, tasty Fat Bombs as I was running out the door.


I also didn’t have time for dinner. Luckily, I had about half an hour to kill and could hunt for something I can eat while sitting in a lecture. I went to Pret A Manger First because they sometimes have little cups with just avocado and lime and sell hard boiled eggs. They were out of what I wanted and the protein bowls all had edamame and/or quinoa in them. So – Pret was out. Went to Walgreens instead. 

Bought a snack pack of smoked Almonds and some plain bacon jerky after looking at the labels of all 10 varieties of jerky and being horrified at how many carbs some had. The store brand (Nice!) of this particular flavor (plain smoky) had only 1 gram carbs per serving. Win! 

Forgot to snap a pic. 


Had a second helping of the jerky.


1374 of 1318 kcal

19.6 of 20g net carbs

64.1 of 70g protein

116.87 of 106g fat