Today was poo. I spent most of the day nauseous and I have no idea if it’s something I’m doing wrong with Keto, or something else. Boooooooo today. 

Another smoothie experiment – this time with canned coconut, which was satisfying.

Stomach felt vaguely unsettled after breakfast – verging on nauseous. 

I wasn’t sure if I was just getting hungry or not, so I elected to eat lunch anyways. 

Since my batch cooked items are carby, and I want my damn salmon tonight – I had the last of the unintentionally holiday-themed eggy cups from last week.

Lunch was hard to choke down. My stomach was still unsettled – and I had to work against my brain, which kept insisting that I was going to feel like crap from eating an omelette (which randomly happens to me) and that I was going to die of cheese (I do really need to cut it out with the cheese – cheese is not my friend). 

Layed down a couple hours after lunch because my stomach was just not happy and I felt kind of dizzy. Skipped my planned workout because movement just wasn’t happening.

The hotly contested (by my macros) salmon Caesar salad! With Keto croutons. And lots of butter. 

Ate dinner – it was delicious – but felt kinda nauseous the whole time. And I *swear* there was hunger lurking in the back of all that ick right before dinner. 


1391.5 of 1318 kcal

14.8 of 20g net carbs

64.24 of 70g protein

111.69 of 106g fat